Krieg, T., Principal,
Fechtelkotter, C., Director of Special Education,

Student Services

Kaufman, E., Guidance Counselor,
Clemmer, K., District Nurse,


Anderson, K., Science 6, Social Studies 6,
Anderson, S., English Language Arts 6, Middle School Yearbook,
Buran, M., Title 1 and Interventions,
Goodlet, M., Vocal Music 6/7/8,
Gustafson, D., English Language Arts 7,
Haworth, C., Health Office Paraprofessional, 
Hintzman, M., Band 6/7/8,
Ketola, M., Social Studies 7/8, 
Knaack, J., Special Education,
Kopetzky, L., Special Education, - Click here to go to her website
Lawton, P., Physical Education 6/7/8, Assistant Football, Assistant Track, Head Middle School Volleyball,
Melde, A., Art 6/7/8,
Nedden-Durst, L., Special Education ,
Nutting, B., Special Education,
Olson, J., Math 6, Girls Basketball 7, Head Middle School Wrestling,
Owen, D., Math 7/8,
Teal, J., Accelerated Math 7, Math 8,
Vik, J., Spanish 7/8,
Widiker, D., Science 7/8,
Young, K. English, Language Arts 8, Middle School Forensics,

For a listing by teaching teams, visit the Academics Page

Administrative Assistants

Brandmeier, C., Administrative Assistant,
Thomas, K., Administrative Assistant,


Cain, J., Library/Media Paraeducator, 
Gaare, R., Paraeducator,
Honkanen, K., Paraeducator/Middle School Drama,
Moss, L., Paraeducator,
Pearson, S., Paraeducator,
Philipsek, N., Library Aide,
Podgorak, C., Paraeducator,
Sznaider, T., Paraeducator,

Custodians & Kitchen Staff

Lundeen, M., Head Custodian,
Pearson, S., Custodian,
Kris Olson, food service
Ann Skylondz, food service
Donna Nelson, food service