Krieg, T., Principal,

Student Services

Kaufman, E., Guidance Counselor,
Burkhart, L., District Nurse,


Anderson, K., Science 6, Math 6,
Anderson, S., English Language Arts 7/8, Middle School Yearbook,
Buran, M., English Language Arts 6,
Goodlet, M., Vocal Music 6/7/8,
Gustafson, D., English Language Arts 7, Social Studies 7,
Haworth, C., Health Office Paraprofessional, 
Hintzman, M., Band 6/7/8,
Ketola, M., Social Studies 7/8, 
Knaack, J., Special Education,
Kopetzky, L., English Language Arts 6, Social Studies 6, - Click here to go to her website
Lawton, P., Physical Education 6/7/8, Assistant Football, Assistant Track, Head Middle School Volleyball,
Melde, A., Art 6/7/8,
Nedden-Durst, L., Special Education ,
Nutting, B., Special Education,
Olson, J., Math 6, Girls Basketball 7, Head Middle School Wrestling,
Owen, D., Math 7/8,
Pufall, T., Math 7, Science 8, 
Saxe, K., Title I Reading Specialist, Computers 6,
Teal, J., Accelerated Math 7, Math 8,
Vik, J., Spanish 7/8,
Widiker, D., Science 7/8,
Windt, R., ALPH 7/8,
Young, K. English, Language Arts 8, Middle School Forensics,

For a listing by teaching teams, visit the Academics Page

Administrative Assistants

Brandmeier, C., Administrative Assistant,
Evans, B., Administrative Assistant,


Cain, J., Library/Media Paraeducator, 
Gaare, R., Paraeducator,
Honkanen, K., Paraeducator/Middle School Drama,
Moss, L., Paraeducator,
Pearson, S., Paraeducator,
Smith, M., Paraeducator,
Sznaider, T., Paraeducator,

Custodians & Kitchen Staff

Lundeen, M., Head Custodian,
Breitzmann, T., Custodian,
Pearson, S., Custodian,
Madeja, M., Food Service,
Olson, G., Food Service,