Dr. Sara Croney, District Administrator
Paul R. Staffrude, RSBA, Director of Finance/Business Manager
Mark Carlson, High School Principal
Brian Smith, Associate High School Principal/Director of Athletics and Activities
Tanya J. Krieg, Middle School Principal
Steven D. Gustafson, Elementary Supervisor/Northwestern Elementary Principal
and Iron River Elementary Principal
Cody Fechtelkotter, Ed. S., Director of Special Education/Pupil Services

Support Personnel

Peggy Janigo, Executive Administrative Assistant
Wendy Stauty, Executive Bookkeeper
Jody Botten, Director of Food Service
Lisa Burkhart, School Nurse
Lester Wiese, Director of Transportation - Department of Transportation
Penny Lavin, District Administrative Assistant
Patti Birdseye, District Accounts Payable & Grant Coordinator
Jacqueline Joseph, Accounting and Administrative Assistant

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