4K-5 Information for Parents and Students

Career awareness begins with self exploration at the primary levels.  A variety of activities are designed and implemented to help students gain an understanding of future career possibilities.

Grade Level Opportunities

  • Classroom Opportunities
    • 4K classrooms implements a community workers theme, has guest speakers, and guided discussions.
    • Kindergarten classrooms implement a week long career unit where they read stories, have discussions, guest speakers, do projects, and have a job day as a culminating activity.
    • First Grade classrooms write about careers and community helpers, implement a social studies unit on jobs, highlight family careers, have guest speakers,  and do a book series on Community Helpers.
    • Second Grade classrooms journal about careers and have guest speakers.
    • Third Grade classrooms perform daily applications in math related to math careers, the Social Studies curriculum discusses careers related to topic area, and ELA spends time reading and writing about careers.
    • Fourth Grade has a classroom community where they create a token system connected to banking, cover citizenship, responsibility, and work ethic. The Invention Convention allows for career exploration as well, and implements a Social Studies unit on Economics which touches on career related topics
    • Fifth Grade classrooms have a presentation by East Central Energy on electrical safety and careers in the field, discuss necessary education, jobs available, and equipment used. 
  • Guidance Led Opportunities
    • K-4 Guidance Classes complete the self-exploration process through stories, discussions, and role-plays.
    • Fifth Grade Guidance Classes implement 5 career lessons (once per week) through the completion of interest inventories, online self-exploration of careers, guest speakers, and discussions.

4K-5 Contact Information

Steve Gustafson, PK-5 Principal, x1300
Kara Hietala, PK-5 Counselor, x1304