Online Payments (E-funds for Schools)

The School District of Maple uses a program called "e~Funds for Schools" that allows parents several payment options to have school payments automatically withdrawn electronically from a checking account or charged to a credit/debit card. Currently the service is only set up for meal account payments. There are charges involved when the service is used. The School District of Maple does not charge the fees involved nor do they receive any of the monies charged to the customer for using this electronic service. Fees for credit/debit card transactions vary by the amount of the charge. The amount of fees that you would be charged for the transaction will be shown before you approve the transaction, at which time you may elect not to continue the payment.

During the registration process, you will be asked for a student number. This number is the student number that was provided to parents in a mailing. Call the district office at 715-363-2431 if you have not received a student number or if the student number your were given doesn't work.


Payments made after 12:00 PM (Noon) will not be available for use the next school day.


Q. Who do I contact if I have a problem?
A. Your bank's online contact is the best place to start. Contact your bank to verify the transaction was debited from your checking account. To verify that your account at school has been credited, have your student check with the cashier as they go through the lunch line or call the district office at 715-363-2431.

Q. When will my lunch account be credited?
A. Deposits will be credited by 10:00 AM each school day. The deposit needs to be submitted before 12:00 PM of the previous day.

Q. How will I know if a payment has been accepted?
A. You will receive notification on the e~Funds web page that the transaction is pending. As soon as the money is debited from your checking account, you will receive an email confirmation.

Q. What if I deposit money after 12:00 PM (Noon)?
A. Funds deposited after 12:00 PM will not be processed by the bank until the next business day. The following day the school will receive the deposit.

  • Example 1: Your son tells you at 9:30 PM on Monday that he has no money in his lunch account. You make an e~Funds deposit at 9:37 PM of $50.00 into his lunch account. Since the funds were deposited after 12:00 PM, the transaction will not take place until Tuesday. The school will receive the deposit on Wednesday morning for credit to the child's lunch account.
  • Example 2: You get paid on Friday. You make a deposit of $50.00 to your daughter's lunch account. Since the transaction is on the weekend, the funds will be debited from your checking account on Monday. The school will receive the funds on Tuesday and credit to your child's account will occur on Tuesday.

Q. Am I limited to just one bank to make a deposit?
A. An e~Funds transaction can be made using a checking account from any financial institution. You need to know your checking account number and the routing number. Both are found on a physical check. When setting up your account the screen shows you a picture of a check so you can locate this information.

Q. What if I make an incorrect payment?
A. There is a place online where you can review scheduled payments and make necessary changes to the amount or delete the entire payment as long as it has not been processed by the bank or credit card company yet.