Northwestern Middle School is an organization that exists to serve the developmental needs of early adolescents. Our mission is to promote success for all students through a solid academic, exploratory and extra-curricular program that encourages the physical, intellectual, emotional, social and creative growth of our students in a safe environment while empowering them to become socially responsible citizens and life-long learners.


Northwestern Middle School is committed to educating each student to be a productive and responsible citizen. In order to do this our character education program will teach respect, responsibility, honesty, and pride. We will teach, model, and affirm these character traits and provide an opportunity for students to practice these traits at school, home, and in the community.
  • Respect – We respect ourselves, others, property, and the environment.
  • Responsibility – We are reliable and accountable.
  • Honesty – We are honest and tell the truth.
  • Pride – We act with determination to be the best we can be.


Encore Team

Mr. Goodlet
Mr. Hintzman 
Mr. Lawton 
Mrs. Melde
Mr. Buran
Mrs. Vik
Mr.  N. Olson

SpEd Team

Mrs. Knaack
Mrs. Nedden-Durst
Mr. Nutting
Mrs. Kopetzky

6th Grade Team

Mr. Anderson 
Mrs. Anderson
Mr. J. Olson

7th Grade Team

Mr. Gustafson
Mr. Owen
Mr. Widiker

8th Grade Team

Mr. Ketola
Mrs. Teal
Mrs. Young

To see a listing of the entire staff, with email addresses, visit the NMS Staff Page.