School to Work

Welcome to the home page for the Northwestern High School Vocational Learning Program. The study of the Vocational Learning Program should result in people who participate in and adapt to the dynamic world of work. This study provides application and immediate relevance to principles of math, science, and other subject areas while focusing on the development and application of vocational related work experiences. Thus, students of the Vocational Learning Program become self-learners and problem-solvers, as well as self-reliant and productive members of society.

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Goal Statements

Consistent with the student’s abilities, interests, and needs; the Vocational Learning Program must:

  1. Assist students in assessing and preparing for current and emerging occupations.
  2. Enhance student mastery of the basics through application of math, science, social studies, communication, and computer literacy.
  3. Provide students with a foundation in entrepreneurship, economics, and business relationships.
  4. Assist students in becoming independent learners and creative problem solvers who possess self-confidence and lifelong learning attitudes.
  5. Provide another avenue of learning for those students that are potential dropouts before they do quit on school.
  6. Provide for students a learning process to help improve behavior, attendance, and grades.
  7. Explore and develop some employment skills which would give the students an understanding for selecting, obtaining, and maintaining a job.
  8. Establish beliefs and values based upon the impact of work, on individuals, families, society, and our country at large.

School-To-Work (Work for Credit)

Youth Apprenticeship Program

Job Shadowing