School Closing Information (Inclement Weather)

Occasionally it is necessary to close or cancel school because of weather. The District Administrator makes the decision to close school after consulting with the Director of Transportation, bus drivers and county officers regarding weather conditions. If school is canceled before classes begin in the morning, the announcement will be carried on the following local radio stations: KDAL (610 AM; 95.7 FM), WNXR (107.3 FM), WEBC (560 AM; 105 FM), and television stations WDIO-10, KBJR-6 and KDLH-3. It would be advisable for parents to tune in one of these stations as this procedure is followed for both district wide closings as well as the closing of individual schools within the district.

If classes are already in session and it is necessary to close the schools or if individual schools must be closed because of maintenance problems such as no water or no heat, the announcement of school closing will be made on the same stations.

Extremely low temperatures by themselves are not usually a reason to close school. School buildings are warm and comfortable, and a nourishing meal is available for children on such days.

Parent/guardians are urged not to call the school to ask if the school will close. This ties up the telephone line and prevents its use in case of an emergency.

You, as a parent, may decide that the weather is too severe to send your child to school (especially a younger child). Please send a note with your child stating that reason upon their return. Your decision in this matter is respected by the school district administration.

If the school district is closed because of bad weather, all athletic, after-school and evening events are also canceled.