2016-17 Board Goals

Board of Education Goals

The School Board Goals for the 2016-17 school year include the following:

  • Curriculum Alignment - Implement the new K-12 Reading/Language Arts and Math textbooks, equipment and staff development to improve the Best Practices of Instruction.


  • Develop a Staff Compensation Model - Look at salary and benefit options including the full fiscal reality, and environment while trying to remain competitive with other districts.


  • Staff Empowerment - Treating each other with respect and professionalism, improve staff morale and staff recognition.


  • Transportation – Implement the streamlined bus routes for 2016-17, which provides increased instructional time at the elementary level.


  • Career Readiness - Connect with our businesses, WITC and colleges to gain feedback and develop college credit while students are still in high school.


  • Building Relationships - Continue to build relationships with the community including more communications of school activities.