2017-18 Board Goals

The School District of Maple School Board and AdministrativeTeam worked hard over the summer to set a vision and collaborate to create six Board
Goals for 2017-18. This is not to be confused with the development of our Vision 2020 and Vision 2025 District Strategic Plan, which sets the course of focus for our students’ academic progress.
Our Board Goals for 2017-18 are:
  • Successful passage of an operational referendum as needed to maintain high quality educational options for our students. Drastic cuts to programs and options for students including increasing class sizes would have to happen if this goal is not met.
  • Curriculum Alignment – Review and Align Science and Social Studies Curriculum 4K-12.
  • Develop a Support Staff Compensation Model – Look at salary and benefit options including the full fiscal reality, and environment while trying to remain competitive with other districts.
  • Expand Safety Practices for all students and staff.
  • Career Readiness – Connect with our businesses, WITC and colleges to gain feedback and develop college credit while students are still in high school.
  • Building Relationships – Continue to build relationships with the employees and community including more communications of school activities.