9-12 Information for Parents and Students

ACP 9-12 Picture
At each grade level, students will practice goal setting and planning by developing and/or revising their personal Academic & Career Plan with guidance from adult mentors (staff, counselors, parents). This is meant to be a gradual process that builds from one year to the next and supports the unique development of each student. Student goals and plans are expected to change annually based on their personal experiences.

Student Outcomes

    • 9th Grade
      • Update personal inventories to identify any key changes that could affect goals or plans.
      • Be exposed to the concept of “post-secondary alignment,” available opportunities and financial planning that supports post-secondary.
      • Update the remainder of your six-year plan to include post-secondary options. 
    • 10th Grade
      • Conduct structured research on potential careers.
      • Identify roles and responsibilities, skills and dispositions, education/training needed for identified careers.
      • Understand how to research job opportunities, create and use a network to find employment, and leverage labor market projections to assess future job opportunities.
      • Learn how to create a resume and understand the importance of building resumes over time.
      • Learn about Career and Service Based Learning Opportunities.
    • 11th Grade
      • Understand how to evaluate post-secondary opportunities, do a college search, and locate and complete a college application.
      • Review assessment results and how they might impact post-secondary planning.
      • Understand financial implications for alternative post-secondary options along with resources available.
    • 12th Grade
      • Develop a financial plan to support post-secondary transition.
      • Ensure Academic and Career Plan and related documents accurately reflect all honors, credentials, endorsements, etc. that comprise their high school portfolio.
      • Transition Academic and Career Plan portfolio elements to ensure access after graduation.
      • Understand the labor market to make informed career and post-secondary decisions.

    Northwestern Middle School & Northwestern High School Academic and Career Planning Program Map

    The ACP process involves activities that fall into four aspects of college and career preparation for students in grades 4K-12th grade.   KNOW activities encourage students to develop self-awareness.  EXPLORE activities encourage students to explore what they are learning about themselves and relate it to college and careers.  PLAN activities encourage students to plan for college and careers, and GO activities are students putting their college and career plans into action.

    Academic and Career Planning Grade 6-12 Map

    Career and Technical Education Courses (CTE) and Programs of Study (POS): 

    Work-Based Learning

    Earning College Credit While at NHS (Advanced Standing)

    Advanced Placement (AP) at NHS

    Credit / Duration: 1.5 credit; 3 terms
    Grade Level: 12
    Successful completion of this course will prepare students to take the AP exam in May.

    WITC Advance Standing Classes at NHS





    Accounting I


    Accounting II

    Instructor: Laura Johnson

    10101101 Financial Accounting I

    4 credits

    Introduction to Marketing


    Sales and Advertising

    Instructor: Jody Forsythe

    10104102 Marketing Principles

    3 credits

    Parenting/Early Childhood

    Instructor: Kathy Lahti

    10307148 ECE: Foundations of Early Childhood Education

    2 or 3 credits

    Building Construction

    Instructor: Joe Letko

    3241030 Construction Framing 1

    3 of 4 credits

    Machine Tool

    Instructor: Joe Letko

    32420332 Semi-Precision Machining


    32420362 Milling Fundamentals


    32420363 Turning Fundamentals

    1 credit for each WITC course

    Post Secondary Enrollment Options

    Youth Options

    More information on the Youth Options Program at NHS is available on the NHS Student Services Website 

    Many of links above and other resources are available on the Student Services page of the NHS Website.

    9-12 Contact Information

    Mark Carlson, 9-12 Principal, x2000
    Breena Kroll, 9-12 Counselor, x2000
    Jennifer Forsythe, 9-12 At Risk Coordinator, x2000