6-8 Information for Parents and Students

ACP 6-8 Picture
At each grade level, students will practice goal setting and planning by developing and/or revising their personal Academic & Career Plan with guidance from adult mentors (staff, counselors, parents). This is meant to be a gradual process that builds from one year to the next and supports the unique development of each student. Student goals and plans are expected to change annually based on their personal experiences.

Student Outcomes

  • 6th Grade
    • Understand definitions and terms related to the Academic and Career Plan.
    • Complete basic career and personality inventories to gain a better understanding of themselves and careers that relate to their interests and strengths.
    • Begin to learn how their school subjects relate to different careers.
  • 7th Grade
    • Complete inventories to gain understanding of themselves and the concept of a personal brand, and use the inventories to identify potential career interests to explore further.
    • Learn how the 16 Career Clusters and how the clusters can used to learn about new career possibilities
    • Understand how to set goals and action plans to reach career goals
    • Understand how to align course selection with potential career interests.
  • 8th Grade
    • Understand graduation requirements, what makes up a high school transcript and the high school timeline of College and Career Readiness events.
    • Understand how to evaluate the accuracy of stated goals and action plans to reflect past experiences.
    • Learn how to use school resources to make a 4-Year Plan for high school.

Northwestern Middle School & Northwestern High School Academic and Career Planning Program Map

The ACP process involves activities that fall into four aspects of college and career preparation for students in grades 4K-12th grade. KNOW activities encourage students to develop self-awareness. EXPLORE activities encourage students to explore what they are learning about themselves and relate it to college and careers. PLAN activities encourage students to plan for college and careers, and GO activities are students putting their college and career plans into action.

Academic and Career Planning Grade 6-12 Map

6-8 Contact information

Tanya Krieg, 6-8 Principal, x1400
Erika Kaufman, 6-8 Counselor, x1400